Emissions and air quality laboratories

As a part of environment protection activities, EKONERG has formed independent Laboratory for emission measurements and Laboratory for air quality which cover stack emissions and air quality monitoring area.

Measurements and calibration with accredited methods

In our laboratories we have highly experienced experts and modern equipment. With this and our references we can guarantie data quality objectives. Our measuring and calibration methods in emissions and air quality monitoring are accredited according to ISO17025

Laboratory proficiency testing

EKONERG laboratories perform proficiency testing of the other emission and air quality laboratories as well. EKONERG laboratories are on of the first in EU who has accredited proficiency testing according to ISO17043 for air quality and emissions

Air Quality Reference Laboratory

Laboratory for air pollution in EKONERG has been recognized by the Croatian Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection as the air quality reference laboratory responsible for quality assurance of the measurements and air quality data in Republic of Croatia. EKONERG is member of AQUILA - EU network of air quality reference laboratories.