The Air Quality Reference Laboratory

Ekonerg - Laboratory for air pollution has been recognized by the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection as the air quality reference laboratoryresponcible for quality assurance of the measurements and air quality data. Our Laboratory is authorized for the following measurement methods in Republic of Croatia:

  • HRN EN 14212:2006 (EN 14212:2005)– Standard measurement of SO2 concentrations in ambient air
  • HRN EN 14626:2006 (EN 14626:2005)– Standard measurement of CO concentrations in ambient air 
  • HRN EN 14211:2006(EN 14211:2005)–Standard measurement of NO and NO2 concentrations in ambient air
  • HRN EN 14625:2007(EN 14625:2005)– Standard measurement of ozone concentrations in ambient air